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Correctly coded? Verifying product markings inline
Whether plain text or coding: the markings on packaging make an important contribution to the safety and traceability of a product. They make the clear identification as well as the complete process tracking of drinks, food and healthcare products possible during each stage of the production and value chain. They provide the consumer with essential information regarding ingredients, shelf life and dosage. There is a threat of serious consequences if these are missing, unreadable or incorrect as regards content. Therefore such product markings should be checked as soon as they have been applied - with well-engineered technologies from HEUFT. ...
Eintrag vom: 05:05:49 - 29.07.2010
"Know your line!"
Line efficiency can be noticeably increased by means of intelligent utilisation planning, an optimised bottle transport and highly efficient tools for recording the elementary production data and statistical analysis of the complete filling process. Twenty interested representatives from breweries, mineral water companies and wineries found out about this at the HEUFT TeKnowledge seminar at the beginning of June in Burgbrohl, Germany. VLB expert Roland Pahl and specialists from HEUFT informed them about strategies for reducing costs and increasing productivity in the bottling hall.
Eintrag vom: 04:08:48 - 30.06.2010
Foreign objects precisely identified in an unpackaged product mass
The food and beverage sector has known for some time now that HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH defines the state of the art as regards the inspection of freshly filled containers along high-speed lines. The company has now passed on its know-how concerning the detection of foreign objects to unpackaged food: the new HEUFT eXaminer XT pipeline inspector continuously monitors the safety of a liquid and a paste-like product mass and tracks down metal as well as non-metal contamination in the process. ...
Eintrag vom: 12:58:26 - 31.05.2010
Increased safety and efficiency in the production of food and drink
A new round for HEUFT TeKnowledge: the free series of seminars is continuing with two all day events especially for food and drink producers. Food safety in the production of food in jars will be dealt with in detail on Tuesday 8 June 2010. Strategies and technologies for increased efficiency during the drink filling process will be on the programme a day later. ...
Eintrag vom: 12:37:53 - 12.05.2010
HEUFT Service: adherence to schedules despite volcanic eruption
Eyjafjallajökull paralysed nearly the whole of Europe for almost a week. The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano brought air traffic to a standstill and thousands of appointments had to be cancelled in the middle of April in many parts of the continent. The fact that HEUFT was able to fulfil all urgent service obligations under these difficult circumstances is yet again proof of the quality and flexibility of our worldwide customer service network. ...
Eintrag vom: 03:50:58 - 27.04.2010
Video lounge
You can experience HEUFT devices in service along thousands of filling lines around the world - and here in our video lounge. Look at the films and see the performance of our checking, inspection, container transport, rejection and labelling systems for yourself.
Eintrag vom: 05:36:19 - 26.04.2010
Zentis: "The detection accuracy is excellent"
HEUFT foreign object inspectors are ideal for continuously monitoring product safety. The drinks sector has known this for some time now. However an increasing number of food producers are relying on the remarkable detection reliability of the particularly low-radiation X-ray devices. The best example: the Zentis confectionery producer from Aachen, Germany. The HEUFT eXaminer XA systems have been safeguarding the quality of jams and fruit spreads there for almost 18 months now - time for a recap. ...
Eintrag vom: 04:52:20 - 29.03.2010
HACCP+ : safety plus efficiency
Incorruptible inspection technologies are a basic component of an effective HACCP concept in order to ensure the safety of food. Only they make the specific and continuous monitoring of critical control points possible. At the same time the principle always applies for HEUFT that each individual container as well as the inspection device itself have to prove their correctness. This is achieved by means of consistent container tracking, analysing and documenting all the inspection results as well as regular self-testing. ...
Eintrag vom: 11:26:26 - 25.02.2010
HEUFT pro sweets: the new dimension in the inspection of confectionery
More and more food producers are relying on the know-how of HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH, a company which has been number one for a long time as regards the quality assurance of drinks. The company will be presenting itself for the first time at the ProSweets Cologne 2010 exhibition with systems which redefine the state of the art in the inspection of confectionery. ...
Eintrag vom: 10:55:12 - 29.01.2010
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